About the Project

It is with great joy that Fons Vitae, with the help of many fine friends including a most generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation, is able to present The Ghazali Children’s Project. The complete project will include both parent and teacher translated volumes accompanied by special children’s adaptations of Imam al-Ghazali’s magnum opus, the Ihya Ulum al Din (The Revival of the Religious Sciences). It is our hope that parents and children throughout the Islamic world will be able to benefit from our labors and be able to further deepen the spiritual dimension of their faith and its practice.


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what the scholars say

“This work is nothing less than a revolution in developing humane, ethical, and committed Muslim youth. Imam al-Ghazali is the “Proof of Islam”, and these teachings, presented in a beautiful life-affirming way, will prove to be a major shift in the way Islam is taught to young people, who are in desperate need of guidance in today’s confusing times. As a community, we owe much to Fons Vitae for bringing them to fruition. Let the transformation begin!” – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Zaytuna College & Fons Vitae Ghazali Children’s Project

“You can’t teach children the truth. They will recognize truth. We just have to provide ways for them to polish their hearts.” – Gray Henry, Fons Vitae Ghazali Children’s Project

“My whole outlook on Islam would have been so much healthier and whole if I had these resources as a child. This project is so important for us to support as a community, especially for those who are parents or will be parents soon. Gray Henry and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf have worked very hard on this and we owe our support.” –Tarek El Messidi, Celebrate Mercy

Imam al-Ghazali: In his own words

“I considered it an important duty for me to occupy myself in composing this book in order to revive the religious sciences and to reveal the ways of the early Imams (religious leaders) and to clarify the prohibitions of the beneficial sciences current among the prophets and righteous fathers.”

“I have put it in four parts which are:”

“1. a quarter on Religious practice,
2. a quarter on Customs,
3. a quarter on the destructive vices, and
4. a quarter on the saving virtues.




Ghazali’s Core Teachings for Children

In order for children to be truly inspired, they must see what al-Ghazali is teaching in the actions of their immediate role models. Stories and words can only go so far. What we have realized is that every parent and teacher must read the children’s books for themselves so that they can discover new ways to follow Ghazali’s counsels in their own lives while simultaneously finding approaches to educate their children on the teachings of al-Ghazali. In order for this wonderful material to really be of use, the ideal would be if the parents at home used every opportunity to reinforce Imam al-Ghazali’s key teachings on:

1. Envy
2. Lying
3. Pride
4. Being a know-it-all
5. Wasting time
6. Backbiting
7. Bragging
8. Hypocrisy
9. Prying and spying
10. Arguing


If everyone in a community practiced the inner sunnah of avoiding these dreaded habits which sustain the lower self, imagine the outcome! This Ghazali Project is for everyone at every age!

Certain themes from al-Ghazali’s Book One are presented repeatedly in the children’s stories in order to emphasize their importance and underscore their urgency. Among them are:

-Division of Knowledge and its importance and sacred sources.

-The brevity of human life whose true purpose is to know and worship God and prepare to meet Him.

-The Two Worlds and the fleeting enjoyment of this world and the Eternal Peace in the Abode of Permanence.

-Human Dependence on God and trust in His Will.

-The polishing of the Spiritual Heart and self-observation and correction, key virtues and harmful vices.

-The provision and focus for life’s journey and the importance of not wasting time.

-The quality of the true teacher and responsibility of the student because we are all teachers.

-Putting knowledge into practice.



Our Advisory Committee

The men and women who volunteer their skills and experience are members of our Advisory Committee and help us to bring to you a truly inspirational and quality educational program to benefit the Muslim children in each of your communities. Our members bring a diversity of experiences in education and in Islamic traditions and practices.


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The Ghazali Children’s Project is brought to you by Fons Vitae. Fons Vitae is a peer-reviewed, non-profit 501(c)(3) interfaith publishing house.  If you would like to make a donation specifically to the Ghazali Children’s Project simply follow the instructions on the Donate page.