What is the Ghazali Children’s Project?

What is the Ghazali children’s project?

The Fons Vitae Ghazali Children’s Series provides authentic quality guidance for children of all ages at a time when their values are being formed. Imam al-Ghazali’s systematic approach for developing virtuous character is provided in an educational package which includes beautifully produced children’s books, source texts for parents and teachers, These materials offer a creative, enjoyable and spiritual supplement or alternative to standard Islamic Studies curricula with a strong focus on the purification of the heart. Go here for the GCP Mega Resources List: Links, videos & documents


The aim of the Ghazali Children’s Project is to support children:

• in their ability to recognize and maintain their innate human dignity.

• in realizing nobility of character through imitation of the Prophetic qualities realized by understanding, loving, and practicing the inner dimensions of all outward acts – to stop simply just “going through the motions”.

• in becoming aware of their True Selves and in identifying with this pure aspect of their being rather than with the lower, false, egoic and separative nature which is centered on itself [al-nafs alammara].

• in becoming self-observant and self-correcting.

• in living life with humility and in service.

Abu Hamid al-Ghazali’s timeless teachings are the foundation of the Ghazali Children’s Project.

Learn more about the scholar’s influential life and works as explained by Hamza Yusuf, Islamic scholar and president of Zaytuna College.

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Books, Workbooks, and Curricula

The Ghazali Children’s Project has released children’s editions of Books 1-7 of the Ihya, complete with workbooks, curricula, and supplementary materials for children of all ages.  

Children’s Website and Resource Library

The Ghazali Children’s website features games, activities, and videos to enhance the lessons learned in the books. The Parent/Teacher resource library is an easily-searchable compendium of materials created by parents and teachers around the world.

International Scholarly Board

Internationally-renowned scholars have contributed to the Project and work to ensure that the English translations and children’s editions retain the essential meanings of Ghazali’s original writings.

what parents are saying

“With every chapter we read, I can see my kids realising the mistakes they make and have a desire to correct themselves… just so their hearts are shiny. We thank you for your effort on behalf of our family and wish you immense success!― Rahin   “Although my kids are learning Quran, hadith, Islamic manners, etc… I feel their view of reality is somewhat skewed, partly because we are to blame and also I feel a very important link is broken from the education system. So I have decided to take matters in my own hands before it is too late. I believe the Ghazali program will help shape the correct reality for our children.” ― Mouna   Read More  

Project success


Language versions of the project will be available soon. Translations in 6 languages are already available.


Schools have piloted the project since it began in 2016.


Copies distributed worldwide.


Donate to the Project

The Ghazali Children’s Project is brought to you by Fons Vitae. Fons Vitae is a peer-reviewed, non-profit 501(c)(3) interfaith publishing house.  If you would like to make a donation specifically to the Ghazali Children’s Project simply follow the instructions on the Donate page.   Donate ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________