Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said:

“Verily, God does not look at your appearance or wealth, but rather He looks at your heart and actions.”

-Sahih Muslim 2564


Who was al-Ghazali?

Imam al-Ghazali was called the “Proof of Islam” because in both his life and his writings, he demonstrated how to perfect one’s character by understanding both the outer and the inner sunnah. He provides the entire family with a clear and simple map for living correctly – according to one’s fitrah, one’s innate, pure, true nature – by understanding and living by the inner, spiritually transformative meanings of Islam.

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About the Project

The Ghazali Project aims to help support entire communities of Muslim parents, teachers, and children in realizing how to live by and embody the noble Prophetic character through self-observation and correction. The series aims to provide authentic, quality guidance through Ghazali’s systematic approach for developing virtuous character.

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What is the Ghazali Children’s project? How can it help educate children spiritually & transform their character?






‘POLISHING THE HEART’ – a major new Ghazali Children’s Project documentary on Muslim children’s education. Featuring interviews with many teachers, parents and scholars including Sh. Hamza Yusuf, Prof. Ingrid Mattson, Sh. Abdal Hakim Murad, Dr. Tamara Gray, Prof. Mustafa Abu Sway, Sh. Yahya Rhodus, Baraka Blue and many more.

What Parents and teachers are saying

My children:

Summer, 7

Camilla, 5

Qasym, 1

What I love about the Ghazali Children’s Project:

My husband Farukh and I decided to home school our kids in part because we wanted more interpretive control over our children’s moral and spiritual development. The Ghazali Children’s Project is literally an answer to our prayers; it is engaging material that enables us to provide a roadmap for our children of how to conduct themselves and how to understand themselves in relation to the world and people around them.  In times as dark as ours, our children are the light and the Ghazali Children’s Project has been instrumental in our ability to engage our children and impress upon them the spiritual teachings of Imam al Ghazali whilst keeping them entertained and engaged.  These materials truly are ground-breaking.

– Rabea


“The Ghazali series has been a blessing for our family … Alhumdulillah!

When we came across the books we were thrilled that the immense ocean of knowledge and wisdom is now being made accessible and approachable for “kids” and that it is so well written and simplified for kids to understand. My son Zahid,9, and daughter Nafisa, 3, can never have enough and want me to continue reading it to them one chapter after another. The activities that go with the chapters are also very simple and doable. With every chapter we read, I can see my kids realising the mistakes they make and have a desire to correct themselves …..just so their hearts are shiny. The discussions that follow are amusing to say the least, to see how they relate to these stories.

We thank you for your effort on behalf of our family and wish you immense success !!

“It was really great talking to you today. you made my day! I am very interested to be part of the Ghazali project. I believe this project is what our today’s civilization is of much need as a true nutrient to the spiritual heart. We are in much need to teach young kids and adults alike to the spiritual meaning and practices of the rituals of Islam rather than only teaching them these rituals. My kids Zyad, Marya and I will make Ghazali books as part of our routine reading. We will be doing together the workbook activities and also participating in the website activities. It will be also a great opportunity to review Ghazali’s book # four and provide feedback. My next plan is to deliver Ghazali project as a workshop for kids in my community and involve youth as helpers and mentors.
Looking forward to working with the project and proud to be part of your Ghazali family!”

“‘Teaching Little Ones About Their Invisible Hearts’: “About a year ago I began reading the Fons Vitae Ghazali Children’s Series to our then six year old son. The concept of having an “invisible heart” is an incredibly powerful tool with which to teach little ones about akhlaq, the impact of good and bad actions/behaviours, and to set them on the spiritual path through early muhasaba (taking account of one’s actions and thoughts)…” Check this amazing blog:

“My community consists of my children, my nieces and nephews, and my friends’ children. Their ages ranging from 2 to 13 years.
My kids attend a private Islamic school, however I am not very satisfied with the results thus far. That is why I decided to supplement with home schooling.
Although my kids are learning Quran, hadith, Islamic manners, etc… I feel their view of reality is somewhat skewed, partly because we are to blame and also I feel a very important link is broken from the education system. So I have decided to take matters in my own hands before it is too late.

Not long ago I took the Knowledge class from Shaykh Hamzah Yusuf and that is how I came to know about your wonderful project. I thought to myself, this is the missing link!! the back bone that any education system should build on. So I informed my community about starting a home schooling program of the Ghazali project and they were all very excited about the idea and supportive. Right now I am in the process of developing a curriculum for Islamic studies and math and I plan to integrate the Ghazali program.

I believe the Ghazali program will help shape the correct reality for our children, a reality that is rooted in the knowledge of God so that our kids grow up to be strong in faith, knowledgeable, and of great service to humanity.”


“I wanted to take the opportunity to to thank you for creating a video that had possible changed the course of my life. It was a video that I came across on Youtube called ‘the critical importance of Al Ghazali in our lives’.The video was presented by an emotional and eloquent Hamza Yusuf. Having been born in to the Muslim faith I had disengaged, mainly because of my scepticism of myth vs. logic, however the introduction – through this video – of Imam Al Ghazali has fundamentally changed that. I can honestly tell you that it was like something hit me right between the eyes. I had an impulse to email to you today because I was reading a book, with a quotation that seemed so apt:Thereafter (the Tin Woodman) walked very carefully, with his eyes on the road, and when he saw a tiny ant toiling by he would step over it, so not to harm it . . .’you people with hearts ,’ he said, ‘have something to guide you, and need never do wrong; But I have no heart, and so I must be very careful . . . .’ L. Frank Baum (Quotation found in the ‘The Venture of Islam’ (Hodgson, 1961 Pg: 231)”


“My daughter has trouble with regulating her emotional expressions and recognition of human characteristics along with navigating the concept of empathy. Engaging in this art project has enabled her to practically reflect on her emotions as well as have a practical tool that she can carry with her at school.”

– Jasmina K., Ireland

“When my son made the final slide on his video about GREED, thanking Imam al-Ghazali “for the wonderful things we learn from him every day,” I had tears in my this curriculum has created such a purity in my children and such a love for Imam al-Ghazali”

– Omayma Mansour, USA

“I believe my soul is in more of a need for The Al-Ghazali Children series books even more so than my own children. My inner conscience is suddenly and constantly talking to me, whether it is reminding me of my responsibilities as a mother or of being more cautious of my thoughts and intentions. Whatever it is, I know I could feel my faith increasing.”

-Noura Elbekkahi, Sydney, Australia

“Wanted to send a note of particular thanks vis-a-vis the Ghazali Project for children. My wife began reading the book of knowledge with our six year old son Isa this Ramadan and we have already been noticing the effects of this wonderful book upon his character and way of looking at things. Barak Allah fik!May this project realize its successful completion and may it continue to illuminate the hearts of our children. Amin.”

-Dr. Mohammed Rustom, Carleton University

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