Who was al-Ghazali?

Who was al-Ghazali?

Imam al-Ghazali lived nearly 1000 years ago and was considered by everyone to be the most brilliant scholar in the Islamic world. He noticed that even though Islam was only 400 years old, many people were simply going through the outward motions of their practices – like prayer and fasting. After a great personal trial, Imam al-Ghazali went on a retreat and became a humble janitor. Slowly, he began to see what the inner meaning was of all that Muslims are asked to do by God. Everything God asks of us is a way of polishing our hearts and creating a beautiful community. His guidelines are intended to ennoble the entire family and everyone in the ummah.



Why is he important?

The Imam matters because he can give you a clear simple guide book on how to be the best person you can ever be, both in this life and the next. Ghazali can tell you the special meanings of everything you do. He can give you an exact list of specific things to do and will explain to you the inner map of how to polish your heart.

Imam al-Ghazali can teach you in a fun and organized way how to really understand and enjoy practicing your beloved faith. He can help you turn every moment of your life and all your problems into something uplifting and meaningful.




The Illustrated Biography of
Imam al-Ghazali

Who was Imam al-Ghazali?

Why was he important?

How did an unknown boy from remote village become one of the greatest Muslim scholars?

Why, when he had achieved fame and fortune, did he give it up to search for truth and closeness to God?

This short book, based on authentic sources, outlines the story of Imam al-Ghazali’s life.

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The Life of Imam al-Ghazali Comic

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