Pilot School Program

Fons Vitae Publishing is delighted to work with a quickly growing number of national and international schools and home schools in order to receive the kind of feedback on our books and curriculum which can benefit future books in the Series and future editions.

Please read this KEY RESOURCE for full details on Pilot Schools: Ghazali Children’s Pilot School – Videos, Answers to Questions & Resources (PDF)

Fons Vitae Publishing is delighted to work with a quickly growing number of national and international schools and home schools hoping to receive the kind of feedback on our books and curricula which can benefit future books and further editions. We are pleased the Series is going into 12 languages. The Urdu version is already being used in Pakistan.

To join the Pilot School Program please email: FONSVITAE.GHAZALI@GMAIL.COM

If your school or homeschool is interested in participating as a Ghazali Children’s Project Pilot School, Fons Vitae asks that you purchase 1 printed copy of all the children’s books and workbooks. Fons Vitae will then provide at no cost, the PDFs of all the Ghazali Children’s Project Book Sets, for the exclusive use of teachers in their classes. Set materials include a storybook, workbook and full school curriculum/teacher’s manual:

  1. The Book of Knowledge
  2. The Book of Belief
  3. The Mysteries of Purification
  4. The Mysteries of Prayer
  5. The Mysteries of Charity
  6. The Mysteries of Fasting
  7. The Mysteries of the Pilgrimage (Forthcoming)

Please emphasize that this learning is a community effort. Teachers, parents and students need to work with the material to reinforce what each is learning. (We encourage teachers to share this site with their students on a SmartBoard or print out the PDF versions of our workbook pages.) Children can best learn from role models. What needs to happen is that each parent and teacher read through the children’s books, and then use every opportunity in daily life to reinforce these teachings. A class by itself will not be enough to transform the character of a child who needs to try to practice daily the character of the Prophet, peace be upon him. This is also a precious opportunity for the parents and teachers to observe and correct themselves consciously, thereby becoming the role model/teacher which Imam al-Ghazali says we are to be. This is his counsel, which concludes the Book of Knowledge, considered to be a summation of his entire Revival of the Religious Sciences. See a partial list of participating schools:

See Participating Schools


Pilot School Art Gallery


Hub Club, Solihull UK


Here are some pictures from our newest member school – The Lighthouse Initiative, in Beirut Lebanon– “as it is very beneficial for our little ones in our Mini Muslim club, (similar to an Islamic Sunday school in the US). Most of our students come from American or English schools where they have no exposure to Islam and no religious teaching.

Atlanta’s Clara Mohammad School, was the first institution to contribute to the Ghazali Children’s Project. Their students were the first to send in illustrations and work with our draft material. Their assistance helped us greatly in preparing the Book of Knowledge.


Send us an email fonsvitae.ghazali@gmail.com to see your school featured.


 Here’s a peek inside the schools!

A pilot school in Pittsburgh came up with a brilliant idea of making paper bag puppets of Imam al-Ghazali.


The Peace Terrace School Principal, Homaira Wassel, has written about using the project.

“We began our pilot program with our third graders at Peace Terrace Academy because in fourth grade we begin to teach the rules of purification, prayer, and fasting.  It became very important for us as a school to educate the hearts of our students in finding real love and longing for Allah, prior to teaching them the rules of Jurisprudence.



In our first story with the children we told them about the children in the story in book one and their characteristics and questions.  One student raised his hand and asked, “Are you talking about me?”

“SubhanAllah,” we thought.  Here is a student who sees a reflection of himself in the children from the story.  What better way to connect them to the story.  They met Haj Abdullah and were drawn to him just as the children in the story were drawn to him.

Our students learned about their spiritual heart and talked about ways to keep their heart golden and full of nur.  They also talked about ways that they might get black spots on their heart.  I will honestly say that it was perhaps the most serious conversation we’ve had with the children and one that sparked real understanding in them.

We are eager to delve deeper into the Ghazali Children’s Project.”



Have a look at other activities going on in some of our many pilot schools.