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The Ghazali Children’s project books have been translated in whole or part in multiple languages, including Urdu, Spanish, Arabic, German, Indonesian, & Swedish. Future translations in progress include French, Bosnian, Turkish, Malay, Russian, Kyrgyz, Danish, Thai, Kazakh, Finnish, Azerbaijani, Japanese, Swahili, Dutch, and Uzbek. Click the links below to see what books are available in your language:

Urdu (اردو)      Spanish (Español)      Arabic (عربي)      German (Deutsch)      Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)      Swedish (Svenska)        Finnish


Now Available: The Book of Knowledge for Children AUDIOBOOK

Book Sets

Book Set Two:
Book of Belief

  • Adult Book
  • Children's Book
  • Workbook (3 books)

Book Set Three:
The Mysteries of Purification

  • Adult Book
  • Children's Book (Including Workbook and Teacher's Manual)

Book Set Four:
The Mysteries of Prayer and its Important Elements

  • Adult Book
  • Children's Book (Including Workbook and Teacher's Manual)

Book Set Seven:
The Mysteries of the Pilgrimage

  • Adult Book
  • Children's Book (Including Workbook & Teacher's Manual)

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