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Teaching Tools  Activities and core teachings for books 1-3.


Many scholars consider Ghazali’s Revival of the Islamic Sciences (Ihya Ulum Al-Din), to be the most important literary contribution to the Muslim tradition after the Qur’an and the compilation of Hadith. By presenting Ghazali’s insights, The Ghazali Children’s Project seeks to instill prophetic character and values in children through storytelling, guided reflection, workbooks, and through many other activities included on this website. We are finding children truly love Imam al-Ghazali’s idea of ” polishing one’s heart.”

A team of Ghazali experts have been carefully translating his work into readable English for both parents and teachers. These volumes will accompany the beautifully illustrated children’s books and workbooks. Also included are parent-teacher curriculum manuals of enjoyable games and activities, which reinforce Ghazali’s teachings.



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AGE APPROPRIATENESS for the Ghazali Children’s series:

The books are appropriate from ages 5-14 to adulthood depending on various considerations. Parents and teachers often recast teachings to make them relevant to different ages and contexts. Each book set includes: 1) The Adult translation, which is a parent/teacher book. This is for adults. 2) The Children’s book can be read by or to children from 6/7 years old up to adulthood. This can also be read by adults to younger children, say 5 years olds. 3) The Children’s Workbook contains readings and exercises to be done by children from 6/7 years old up to adults.

Parents, teachers and schools like the Hub Club in Solihull (see the Ghazali Project film on this Pilot school) have the teachers of each age group make an age related lesson plan. Parents use the stories with 4-5 year olds by telling them these stories at their level. Ages 6/7 to adulthood is fine for all the children’s materials. Teenagers are often asked to teach the younger ones. [Note: Books 1-2 are written in a younger language. The rest of the books 3-6 are for any age.] The books are used by a mix of parents, teachers and children, and in all of the categories: school, home, homeschools and pilot schools (like Sunday schools).