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RADIANT HEARTS focusES on spiritual nurturing and character development

The focus of Radiant Hearts is “to open hearts to their true inner beauty and to nourish souls.  [Their] groundbreaking Childrens’ programmes aim to increase levels of spiritual engagement with a sharp focus on the inner.”

Online Learning – accessible to anyone in the world

The Radiant Hearts online learning programme has been meticulously planned. We have harnessed the benefits of remote lessons for our online pupils, with a matched adult teaching programme that can be used by parents and educators to extend and enrich the learning experience.


The Ghazali Children’s Programme covers four main age ranges: 5-7, 8-10, 11-13 and 14-16.  Parent classes are an integral part of this course and run parallel to the children’s classes for each lesson.  Parents are encouraged to join and steer this amazing spiritual journey for the family, equipped with a deep insight to support their child’s learning. Read more…


“We believe that this course will change your and your family’s lives as it has done for the many teachers and students who have thus far benefited from it.  Based on Fons Vitae’s ground breaking Ghazali Children’s books, we will take you on a journey to polish your heart and character, unlike any other study you may have undertaken.  The focus of the programme is to open our hearts to their true inner beauty and to nourish our souls.  Lessons are delivered in an atmosphere of mutual respect using non-didactic methods. You will be encouraged to question yourself; to challenge widely accepted modes of behaviour and to work- step by step- on preserving the pure fitra we were all blessed with at birth. Our aim is the development of character and the perfection of manners in all areas.

Lessons are taught by professional teachers with lengthy Islamic and secular teaching experience.  Amongst our number are scholars and Huffadh of the Quran.  Additionally we have been blessed with the moral support of renowned scholars world wide.

In embarking on this programme, we expect the involvement of the whole family.  We recommend families purchase the textbook / workbook for further reference. Children will be encouraged to complete activities and reflections, and join live sessions.  We expect our students to complete the spiritual development tasks set each week which will be practical in nature.  We pray that our efforts do indeed lead to a revival of the Prophetic sunnah and character; that we emerge as a community of the best adab and that we reach a station of inner peace as we continue our journey to paradise God willing.” Read more…


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