“Thank you for the excellent books that have come out of the Al-Ghazzali project. I would like to give you some feedback on how I found them useful for my children.”

It is very useful how the books are structured in the format of a story. It makes it more interesting for children to learn about important lessons through stories.
I found it particularly meaningful as the morals and lessons centre around a real person in history. A lot of books and stories for children are about fictional characters who have never existed. Even though the books are presented in language and using a storyline that are specific to children of today, Al-Ghazzali is someone who existed in history and had a very real effect on people throughout history.
The books speak to the very real thoughts and emotions that children experience. I found that the books covered many of the things my children have asked since they were small.
The illustrations in the books are realistic. Much of the contemporary illustrations and characters in cartoons are presented to children in unrealistic ways where they do not look like ordinary human beings. Many illustrations in today’s children’s literature are juvenile even for the age group targeted. The illustrations in your books are of real people.
The traditional patterns and illustrations are beautiful and spark an interest in the sacred for children as it is associated with a story they are reading.
This part is from my 8-year old son about The Book of Belief for Children: The kids were calm and peaceful and enjoying their prayers. They weren’t jumping to play outside when their mother called them in for prayers.
Every good wish,
– Tazin, Australia

“I have been reading the Book of Knowledge to my two sons, 9 and 5.

Initially I expected that adult material would simply be simplified into easier language.

This was not the case. The book led us on a journey of gradual and sequential discovery. Its first build important foundations before mentioning the various essential virtues.

The book insured that children had fallen deep into the world of mystery, curiosity and reverence for learning, beforehand.

The book also continues to build foundations as it progresses, gradually adding new elements upon which further can take place. This engaging and interacting method keeps both adults and children intrigued.

This method also allows parents to talk about the critical elements, such as a purified Heart, during other times of interaction, because intrigue in curiosity has been built. Therefore parent mentions matters of this book, children are much, much more likely to be engaged in a holistic, present, way, than other topics that may have been presented in an abstract or less well thought out manner.

As a homeschooling parent, this book set a great example for me, in establishing with the children a deep and intriguing environment of conversation before jumping to the “main bits” that often parents are anxious to get to — such as the virtues themselves, of honesty, etc.”

– Aarif Rasheed, New Zealand

“My daughter has now told the class that if they do good deeds their hearts will be clean and can remove any ill action they may have committed beforehand. She no longer entirely relies on rewards such as star charts to regulate and assess her behavior which for me is a huge step forward and demonstrates a strong connection between using the spiritual tradition as a pedagogical tool to assist children with Asperger’s in navigating emotional regulation and fostering them to do so independently.  I’m amazed at how the use of these materials, be it the video alone has the potential to speak to the hearts and minds of special needs children.”

– Jasmina K, Ireland

“When my son made the final slide on his video about GREED, thanking Imam al-Ghazali for the wonderful things we learn from him every day,” I had tears in my eyes..how this curriculum has created such a purity in my children and such a love for Imam al-Ghazali”

– Omayma Mansour, USA

“I believe my soul is in more of a need for The Al-Ghazali Children series books even more so than my own children. It is honestly hard to describe what I do feel since reading the books. If I could, then I would say that my inner conscience is suddenly and constantly talking to me, whether it is reminding me of my responsibilities as a mother or of being more cautious of my thoughts and intentions. Whatever it is, I know I could feel my faith increasing.”

Noura Elbekkahi, Sydney, Australia

“Any spiritual curricula must tap into the wisdom of traditional Islam to assist in this challenging era. It is time to return to traditional modes of learning that center around vertical, contemplative reflection that engages the whole personality, namely the intellect and the heart. The Al-Ghazali Children’s Project curricula provides the material that will assist parents and children embark on that beautiful journey of the heart towards light and illuminating knowledge.”

– Aya K. Abuhassan, Dubai

“So I started the Book 1 (The Book of Knowledge) today and almost completed the first chapter. My eldest (almost 7 years) showed enthusiasm for the new learning. It was difficult to get all three started together. All I really got the 4 year-old twins to do was draw pictures of their ‘invisible hearts.’ I think I will have to do a little at a time.”

– Mehreen Mansoor, USA

“I love that this material is equally applicable for adults as well as children and the parents involved will learn and grow as much as their kids do. I am going to put a heart on my own refrigerator and think about all the colored spots I need to work on!”

-Mary Minifie, Massachusetts, USA

“The Imam Ghazali Children’s series is a gift to our children who deserve a pedagogy of Islam that allows them to develop the innate goodness which God has placed within each human being so they can become moral, kind, and happy adults.”

-Ingrid Mattson, Ontario, Canada

I cannot think of a better way for Muslim children to learn Islam than from the writings of Ghazali. May God bless this great project and bring it to fruition.”

-Riffat Hassan, Kentucky, USA

“Thank you all very much for this project. I have been looking for this material for a long time for my children. Imam al-Ghazali’s books have transformed my life and I believe it is essential to reach to young youth.”

-Faisal Abdullah Bushan

“I am attending the al-Ghazali conference via livestream and was mesmerized by what I have seen so far regarding the children’s books…As one hopes to be a future parent, this series is so vital for our young generation. Presenting these concepts as you have outlined in your presentation early in life ensures children are equipped with ‘survival skills’ for a life time.”

-Farah Sid, California, USA

“As an ex-Head Teacher and someone who still teaches children, [the Ghazali Children’s Series] is more than just a welcome addition to current pedagogy. For a long time now, I have been pondering over how we can teach the inner aspects of Islam. Particularly behavior and the meaningful dimensions of Islam.”

Razwan Ul-Haq