Book of Knowledge Contest Winners

We have identified the winners! the level of thought and effort these students have put into their work is truly amazing. Thank you and great job, everyone!  again, to those who sent in videos, essays and artwork, as we were building the website, we could not have done it without you. Please scroll down to see the talent!

Below are winners by age category and school entries. Within each, there were several options on the type of entries submitted.

AGES 4-6

Samira and Rihanna, from Australia, tie for 1st place  in the art category, with their drawings of being better people.

Maryam of Ireland comes in 1st in the  essay category with her beautiful illustrated essay showing good and bad deeds.

Isa of Canada is 2nd in the art category with his drawing of the heart and explaining the importance of praying before playing.

AGES 7-10

Abdel of Australia is 1st in the art category, with a drawing on being a better person.

 Zainab of Pakistan is in 1st place in the video category for her story about backbiting. Thank you for sending in also a picture of of a mother teaching her child, the ants and whales pray for them and the angels that rub their wings on them.

Manha and Arwa of Australia are in 2nd place in the video category, for their video representation on the importance of sharing.

AGES 11-15

Mubashira, of the USA, is in 1st place in the essay category,for her essay on “A Special Love for Learning”.

Ibrahim, of Pakistan is in 1st place for the art category for his 3 drawings on teaching, the polished heart and animals being different.

Mariam, of Australia is in 2nd place in the art category, for her drawing of being a better person.


Beverly Hills Academy, of USA is in 1st place in the Classroom representation of the material category for their stills and videos teaching the lessons of the Book of Knowledge.

Seed Grammer School, of Somali-land is in 1st place in the Community Service Category, showing their care and concern for the birds during the drought.

Peace Terrace Academy, of USA is in 1st play in the category of a Dramatic Live Production with their play of “Painting Heaven”.

Great advice from Zainab of Sialkot, Pakistan, which talks about backbiting. In the clips below is a story she created about a family and backbiting.

Peace Terrace Academy performs ‘Painting Heaven’, reminding us the importance of polishing our hearts.



Isa, age 6 has sent us a great picture of a heart and the importance of praying before playing baseball.
“In your invisible heart you have Allah. The man on the right is Imam Ghazali, the little c’s are bubbles leading to his mouth (the lips) with which he is talking about Allah.
He says he this is the best book. He learned for example that he needs to put prayer before play.”

Beverly Hills Academy in Michigan sent us several pictures. The first set shows how to take care of your spiritual heart. The students are polishing their spiritual heart and replacing the tarnish with good deeds.

Student Polishing their hearts and replacing its tarnish with good deeds

Removing tarnish, Zohair, Nusaiba and Abeer

Polishing the heart, Nashwah and Zohair

In these two pictures Zahra is weighing out her good deeds and bad deeds. Even if the good deed is as small as a mustard seed, it will count.

Zainab is raising money for a free Ramadan Iftar for the poor at her local masjid. A nice example of a good deed.

Here is Zohair in the tasbeeh corner.

Here we have Abeer and Zohair preforming a fantastic puppet show about Imamal-Ghazali with homemade puppets.
Videos from Beverly Hills Academy

The Spiritual Heart

 Teaching Us About Our Two Hearts

 Teaching Us About Our Two Hearts part 2

 SEED Grammar School, has just submitted their project. They are based in Somaliland and produced a film about taking care of birds during the drought. One of the many things al-Ghazali asks of us is to care for the world and all the creatures, which God has made.
Artists and Film Makers

Abdikareem age 10

Rayhana age 15

Ibraheem age 8

Maleek age 9

Ahmad age 14

This family sent us several entries. The kids are from Sydney Australia and have drawn for us many ways to be a better person.

Mariam age 11


Abdel-Rahmen age 9

Samira age 6

Rihanna age 6

Ibrahim H, from Sialkot Pakistan, has sent us several entries.

The Real Heart

The first is a drawing of his real spiritual heart with things he wants to polish away.

Mother teaching her Child

The second drawing is of a mother teaching her child, and the ants and whales pray for them and the angels rub their wings on them.

Humans and Animals are different

The third one is of the difference between humans and animals.


Zainab H from Pakistan has sent us a great drawing, showing a mother with a polished heart teaching her daughter how to polish her own heart. because the mother is a good teacher, she is being stroked by an angel and the whales and ants are praying for her-just as they will pray for us when we teach by being good.

Zainab H Drawing BOK entry

Here is a great essay written by Mubashira from Maryland, USA. Though Mubashira had won several awards in school, there was still the unanswered question of ‘real ‘ learning. Answers came from reading the Book Of Knowledge. It is explained beautifully in this essay.

A special Love for Learning





Manha & Arwa – sisters from Sydney Australia, teach us about how sharing can polish our hearts. Nice job girls!

Here is our first entry from a girl who is from Ireland and 6 years old. She is showing us both bad deeds and good deeds on the spiritual hearts.  In her essay she explains how to polish her heart. Thank you Maryam!
Maryam, age 6

Maryam, age 6

Maryam, age 6

Maryam, age6 Bad Deeds

Maryam, age 6

Maryam, age 6 Good Deeds