The Book of Purity

April 23 through September 30

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We had some really awesome entries submitted. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and hard work, it really shows.


In the Book of Purity, The Mysteries of Purification, you learned all about the importance and meanings of inner and outer purity and  the importance of both for polishing your Heart. There are many acceptable ways to perform wudu in the different Islamic schools of law throughout the Islamic world, such as the Maliki, Hanifi, Hanbali and Shafi’i. These are only outer differences and the inner sunna is what is the focus of this book. We are very excited to hear about your experience of doing wudu, using the new inner prayers which accompany each washing.

Watch this video below(actor’s aging 4-6 years old) and see the story of a king’s visit to a house and what is seen on the inside and outside of the house.


To help get you started on your contest entry we have attached some activities and pictures of inspiration. Please feel free to submit an essay, video or artwork, showing what the meaning of wudu is to you, including how it helps to polish your Heart and the differences of inner and outer sunna. As we are reminded in this quote from the book:

“What would it be like if you invited a great king to your

house and, to prepare for his visit, you very carefully polished

the outside of the door while the inside of the house was

a mess and full of rubbish? What would the king think? It is

the same as if God U watched us making our wudu. And one

of His Ninety-Nine Names is al-Malik, the King.”


Mysteries of Purification

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