Purity is Half of Faith – Book 3

A core teaching adapted for children from Book 3 of Ghazali’s Ihya: The Mysteries of Purity.

This video helps children understand Ghazali’s teaching about the Prophet’s saying – “Purity is half of faith.”  This speaks not only of physical cleanliness, but also, and more importantly, of a heart that is clean of self-centered, lesser qualities, such as “not sharing, bad moods, and not helping Mommy.”

In this video, narrated and acted out by children (ages 4 and 6), we learn about a castle that is being prepared for The King’s visit. The castle is polished and beautiful on the outside and even the door is gleaming brightly, but on the inside the castle is dirty and filled with rubbish! If we are like the castle, are we ready to meet The King? Are we as beautiful on the inside as the outside? In this core teaching, we learn how children can easily understand the importance of inner purity, good manners, and a beautiful character.