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1) INTRO: Ghazali Children’s Project – Links, Films & Resources (PDF)

2) Ghazali Children’s Pilot School – Videos, Answers to Questions & Resources (PDF)

How do Ghazali’s Stories Relate Meaningfully to your Child’s Life?

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In this section are to be found suggestions for lesson plans, activities and adaptations for various ages for the different books. Click on the link below.

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Below we have gathered numerous enlightening and entertaining articles, interviews and videos relating to the Ghazali Children’s Project or Ghazali’s teachings.




The Importance of the Number Forty

An article by Abdal Hakim Winter


What Ghazali Means to Me

An article by T.J Winter outlining the importance of the Revival of the Religious Sciences for polishing your heart, for all ages.


Imam Al-Ghazali’s Poem

Imam Ghazali’s Poem

Timeless Teachings for Young Readers

An article by Gray Henry in the ISNA Horizon’s magazine about the Ghazali Project.


Horizon Article Page 1

Horizon Article Page 2



al-Ghazali: the Alchemist of Happiness

Dr. Timothy Winter: The life and works of al-Ghazali (Part 1/2)

Dr. Timothy Winter: The life and works of al-Ghazali (Part 2/2)

Hamza Yusuf – Interview On Imam Al-Ghazali

The Critical Importance of Al Ghazali in Our Time – Hamza Yusuf

Baraka Blue on CelebrateMercy: ‘Beloved’, EMOTIONAL poem about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Habib ‘Umar bin Hafiz relates a vision that Abul Hasan al-Shadhuli had about the Prophet Moses and al-Ghazali

Animated Ghazali Teachings

Elevate to the angelic state by knowing yourself

Winning the heart’s struggle over evil

How to access divine knowledge