Shared Ideas – Blessings

A Blessing from the UK

I am blessed with the most adorable little a brother,I can play GOOD football even though I’m a girly girl,I can draw perfect,I can smile (a lot and really can’t stop),I can sing

Elayza, age 7, London

A Blessing From New Zealand

I’m blessed with my mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Zara, age 5, Auckland

Here are some wonderful entries from Sisters in Canada.

the problems and blessings in my life

problems in my life
-have to share a room with my sister
-can not have my own computer
-we do not get Cadbury chocolate in canada
-do not get too watch TV that much
-i have allergies
-my sisters annoy me a lot
-i do not really get to spend that much money
-sometimes my sisters takes something off me
total of problems= 9

blessings in my life
-i have legs
-i have hands
-have food
– i am a muslim
-read the Qur’an
-can go on holidays
– have education
-play games
-memorise surahs
-memorise duas
-speak french
-speak arabic
-get dressed
-do my hair
-clap my hands
-click my fingers
-tell the time
-won trophies
-play the piano
-play the recorder
-i can breath
-good health
-brush my teeth
-i have teeth
-my teeth are healthy
-pick up stuff
-look after the environment
-make things
-mix stuff
-i can go on the ghazali website
-learn about god [allah] -i am happy
-do my zip up
-have a snow ball fight
-build a snowman
-allah has given me a brain
i can think of much more things than that.
so who won i think that i have more blessings than problems. so what do you think you have, more blessings or more problems?
maybe you can do the same thing that i did.
we are very lucky in life.
by sumayyah, age 8

Zaynab’s Blessings List

I can play with my toys – I can use my eyes, my hands, my feet, my legs to play
I can read and write
I can play basketball
I can smile
I can laugh
I can jump
I can go to the park
I can walk
I can smell
I can eat
I can drink
I can go shopping
I can talk
I can read the Quran
I can swim
I can make games up
I have money
I can go on holiday
I have lots of friends
I can go to school
I can play games on the computer with my hands
I can do wudhu
I can memorize Surahs and Duas
I can bake
I can make my own breakfast
I can ride a bike
I can do maths
I am learning French and Arabic
I have beautiful hair
I can dress myself
I can brush my hair by myself
I can sit
I can click my fingers
I can clap my hands
I can sing
I can draw pictures
I have won trophies
I can play the piano
I can breath
I can hop
I can brush my teeth
I can color
I can take out things in the garbage
I can make things
I can plant seeds
I can type
I can learn about Ghazali
I am happy
I can put my buttons on
I can do my zipper
Allah has given me a brain

Zaynab can think of lots of more things. Zaynab has been blessed by Allah with so much.

Zaynab age 6

Hafsah’s Blessing List

I am blessed with:
I can go on the Ghazali website
Learn about god
Give charity
Go to hajj
Help others
My family👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
A life
My body
Eyes 👀
Mouth 👄
A 🧠 brain
A house 🏠 to live in
💰 money
Food 🥘 to eat
Friends 👩
I can hear
Being a Muslim
Reading the noble Quran
To travel the world 🗺 🌍
Going to visit people
Have unique hobbies
Go to school
Someone to teach me extra knowledge
Smell scents
I have feelings😍😄🤣☺️😡😭🤭😬🤕…
I can bake
I can swim
I can do favours for people
I can help people to make them happy
I am flexible
I know lots of languages
I have the ability to dress myself 👗🕶👒🧦👟
I can blink
I can chew my food
I can communicate with people
Ride my 🚲 bike
I can make 🎁 gifts
Plant flowers 🌷
I can look after the environment
And many many more…

Hafsah age 10