Shared Ideas- Merchant Story

We really enjoyed the story about the Merchant who looked down and we wrote our own stories and Zaynab drew a picture about the story.

























Thank you to Zaynab, age 6, Sumayyah, age 8 and Hafsa, age 10 for your thoughtful stories and pictures

Yaseen was a boy who loved to make good origami. One day though, he made an amazing model and a bully in the neighborhood took it from him and ripped it apart, yaseen muttered “alhamdulilah, this is a test” ,so then he showed no reaction and told his parents. Then he pointed out where the bully lived and his parents talked with the Bully’s parents and he got punished. The End

-Edham, age 12, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“There was boy who was sad because he thought he was sick but then God made that a wonderful blessings for him.”

– Adil, age 10, from Delhi, India

There once was a man named Abdul he was a Shepard in saudi Arabia . . One summers eve a big battle began against the palastains and the Meccans ,Abdul signed up and was in the army ,but what he didn’t know was that He was fighting the most hardest team in the whole country but luckily with the help of Allah the meccans won!!! They had beaten the hardest team known and they are the hardest !!!!!!, Abdul had then became the king and always made right decisions with Allah in his heart and the angels to help.

-Elaya, age 7, from London, UK