img_2887 Nadif!

Be an Eco Friend in this game

Part of Polishing your Heart is service to others, like keeping the environment clean. Play this game and practice recycling.

This game was designed by the youth club, Al Fetra, to help raise awareness about waste sorting and recycling. Al Fetra is part of the Rabita al-Muhammadia al-Ulama.


Hooray to the youth in Rabat Morocco. Thank you for contributing this game to your global brothers and sisters. A special thank you to  Mehdi Abou Hane.

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Nadif is affected by his environment and wants to help keep it clean and beautiful. He will pick up all the trash he can find in the park and sort it into the right bins to enable recycling.

The CARDBOARD and PAPER go in the blue bins and GLASS goes in the green bins. It is important not to mix the two!

Nadif has a special goal. He was told the exact number of cartons and glass to pick up. He was also shown the total amount (glass and cardboard) that he would need to pick up to finish the level.

Attention: Nadif has only a limited time to collect garbage and sort. A timer on the screen shows him the time that is elapsing. The stopwatch also serves to pause the game. Just press it. A second counter indicates the kind of junk that Nadif is picking up and the number of each type of item picked up.


 AT THE SAME TIME. If you start to pick up cardboard, continue to collect cardboard until you deposit it in the garbage.


At the end of the game, the number of cartons, glass and the total number of collected garbage will be displayed. Also, the amount of paper and glass obtained after recycling is also displayed. Finally, the amount of CO2 emissions avoided through recycling is displayed.