The Adhan – Malay Drum Tradition

Malay Drum Tradition

The pictures of the boys and the drums taken in 2014 in Jakarta Indonesia. The cloth they are wearing is traditional Malay costumes since the father is from Malaysia and me, the mother from Indonesia. This is during Eid festive in my hometown in Jakarta.


My boys, they are, Ahmad Alawi (13 then, now 15) and Isa Nuruddin (17 then, now 20)

Ahmad Alawi is still studying in high school and Isa Nurudddin is now at semester 7 at University.

About the drum: In Indonesia and in all Malay Archipelago including Malaysia, the drum is called Beduk/Bedug , used to call people for prayer. The drum is hit in a certain beautiful rhythm before the calling for prayer (Adzan). In old time only old/senior people allowed to hit, but now young people can do it. The size of the drums varied, but mostly it is in big size.

You can read more in google just type beduk or bedug or youtube : beduk bedug azan.


here are some videos:


Click here for another