See Things As They Truly Are

“O Lord, show me things as they truly are.”

– a hadith of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.


When your heart is polished and still, like a calm pond – it can glow with the reflections of the beautiful characteristics of God in your soul, which are the virtues. If your heart is like the still lake, it will reflect things which happen in your daily life clearly, and you will be able to see these things as they truly are.


When we are angry, selfish, rude, naughty – or anything which puts dust on our Shining Hearts – our still hearts are disturbed like ripples on the surface of the calm pond and do not correctly reflect what stands before us.

If you meet a friend and are secretly judging him or her, you lose your ability to see your friend’s True Self with your opinions – which are like ripples on the still pond of the Heart.

Try it!

If you are upset and things are not going your way, or if you are distracted and being very silly, sit for two minutes quietly, without moving, and focus your attention on your breath and Shining Heart. Try returning to your still, True Self, which you can always go back to, because It is always there.