al-ghazali book of knowledge book cover

The Children’s Book of Knowledge


The Book of Knowledge is said to contain the entire Ihya. In this book, Imam al-Ghazali’s teachings and metaphors are presented in story form for children of any age, but the stories are also suitable for furthering the spiritual lives of both parents and teachers. There are several themes Repeated throughout the forty stories to emphasize their importance. Some of these theme include, but are not limited to, True Learning, the purpose of our brief lives, the Two Worlds, Trust in God’s Will, the polishing of the Spiritual Heart through self observation and correction, key virtues and harmful vices, and the responsibility of being a true teacher by putting one’s knowledge into practice.

An introductory DVD included with the book shows how the stories can be easily retold for very small children, who are then encouraged through various art projects to illustrate what they have understood. This helps them to better remember what they are learning.

Core teachings of the Book of Knowledge are explored in more detail below.

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