Three Selves – Book 1

Learn about your three selves, and how can you always be your Real True Self, not the low false one, but the Real You.

When you brag, argue, lie, or speak badly about someone behind their back, what you are doing is making your low, false self really strong. When you envy or want what someone else has, you are forgetting that God gave you exactly what you need in your life – your own special trials and blessings – which help you polish your own Heart. Someone else’s life wouldn’t work for you!



People teach by the way they are and what they do. What are you teaching others? Did you know that if you teach others by good example, the whales, ants, and angels all ask God to bless you?


Little Abdullah explains that helping his mother and washing the dishes help to make his Real Heart shine. Here he draws a dirty heart, which belongs to his low, false self, and a shining heart, which belongs to his True Self. Can you draw your two hearts?