99 Beautiful Names – Scavenger Hunt


“God is Most Kind” (Qu’ran 22:65)

Ya Ra’ûf, Reality of Kindness, the Kindest of the kind, You bless us all. Help me know you better.

A girl named Saleema was talking to God about His Names. As she listened it felt like Kindness was talking to her. She understood ways in which we can sense kindness, as well as ways in which we can show kindness in our daily lives.

If God’s other Names could speak, what would they say to you? …

They are with us everywhere! They are TREASURES. We can find them; it’s easy! Let’s go on a treasure hunt. Which Names can you find? What does each Beautiful Name you find show you? A few Names that you can find are here:

  1. The Patient
  2. The Just
  3. The Generous
  4. The Protector
  5. The Forgiving
  6. The Light
  7. The Merciful
  8. The Dependable
  9. Or any other names you choose. You can find more names here. 


Now let’s see what “Kindness,” or “Ra’uf” said to Saleema:


by Saleema Giltinan

I am Kindness,

I bless my friends with joy.

I also give them strength and

show them how to be brave.

Oh, do you think that I,

Kindness, am too delicate

to help you find strength

and boldness?

Then you do not know me

and we need to spend

more time together.

As we do, you will see

that I have the skills

of a super hero.

Unfortunately, many people

do not know how powerful

I really am.  Why?

Because although I seem to be

sweet and nice I am a

difficult quality to practice.

Very few choose to

hang out with me

for too long because

my demands are high.

For example, my friends

never act moody

when they are with me,

or sulk when something

doesn’t go their way.

They are not rough or mean.

And, they would rather be quiet

than say or do anything nasty

or hurtful to another.

Those who walk with me

don’t bully others either.

Yet, my friends know that even

if bullies don’t understand me,

they need me just as much

as the ones they pick on.

My companions also practice self-control.

This requires determination, discipline.

Yes, the Kind Ones are full

of strength and courage.

Sometimes I am very quiet.

I can feel happy without talking.

I know when it is better to watch

someone figure out how to complete

a task themselves, then to jump in

and do it for them.

Can you share a kind word

even if you don’t feel like it?

Can you step aside for another

when you feel hurried, hassled?

Can you let go of selfishness

and share your things, or

your time with others?

Finally, can you

Be cheerful, even if the one

you are being nice to turns away,

unable to accept your kindness?

If you answer yes to all these questions,

you are already my close friend.

If you cannot, do not worry,

you are still dear to me.

Simply study my ways, try to find

me, to see me wherever you go.

Call on me. I will always answer.

Usually you will know I’m with you

when you feel calm and joyful.

When you hold me close

feelings of tightness (inside you)

will disappear.  You won’t want

to say or do nasty things to anyone,

or stamp your feet, or make a fist.

When I am close you will feel light,

flexible and loving.  It will be easy

for you to smile inside and outside.

Remember, I am alive

and well even if I seem hidden.

Errors cannot hide me for long.

They have no real power.

Mistakes never last forever.

But, I, Kindness, am everlasting.

My dear ones,

look inside your heart,

see that I am actually,

part of what you truly are.


Al Ra’uf Manifesting  

(Actual forms of Kindness you can experience)


  • Notice how teachers spend extra time helping students understand a lesson.
  • Watch the sun melting the heavy snow that is weighing down a small bush.
  • See a fly mistakenly plunge into a swimming pool.  Watch a kind swimmer scoop the fly out of the water.


  • Listen to a mother comfort a crying child, or hum a baby to sleep.
  • Notice the sounds of silence after a storm.
  • Hear the tones of Kindness that ring out from a sincere “thank you.”


  • Taste the Kindness that flavors your cereal, or a special snack that your mother brought home from the supermarket for you.
  • Notice how water tastes especially wonderful when we are thirsty.
  • Kind words taste very pleasant when you say them.


  • Enjoy the scents of kindness in a rose garden.
  • Breathe in the scents of spring. They remind us that new growths are about to fill our world with beauty and nourishment.
  • Notice the joy of smelling a warm meal cooking on the stove on a cold winter day.


  • Feel the touch of a cool breeze on a hot day.
  • Feel the gentle softness of the water all around you as you swim in a pool, in the ocean; or even when you sit in a bathtub.
  • Hold someone’s hand and sense the loving kindness that flows between you.

Ways to show Kindness:


…  Kind thoughts are fun. A mind filled with kind thoughts helps everyone and everything.  A person, animal, plant, beach, a home, a sea, the sky, even a planet can benefit from kind thoughts.

… Accept Kindness politely when it is offered to you.

… When judgmental thoughts come into your mind throw them out. Nasty thoughts are like thieves; they try to steal your joy.

… Sometimes people act in ways that seem weird to you.  Remember, there’s nothing wrong being different.  Diversity is a good thing.

… Gossip hides kindness. Kind Ones stay away from it.

… If the line you are waiting in is long and people are annoyed, or pushing to get to the front, don’t join in; be calm and content as you wait for your turn.

… When someone is slower then you, mentally or physically, just slow down and wait for them to catch up without making a big deal out of it.

…Never be mean to an animal. Kindness can help you understand animals too.

…Trees and plants love it when you are kind to them. Can you feel them respond to your loving thoughts?   If not, keep caring for them.  As you do you’ll begin to understand them better.

… Go out of your way to do something extra nice for a person, place or even a thing, (like dusting your room, putting your clothes away or smiling more often). Each kind act benefits the world. Each act of Kindness benefits YOU!


How can we practice the qualities of the 99 Names?

  • Your work can be a poem, a paragraph, a work of art - whatever you choose! Put yourself in the shoes of one of the 99 Names and share what you think the Name might be thinking, how it can affect others, or how you yourself can use it in your daily life.
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