Book of Purification Activities – 2018 Contest Submissions


Video entries


Hafsah, Sumayyah and Zaynab tell us what is special about several different animals and asks: do animals have a spiritual Heart like humans? Watch this great video and find out. Great job girls and we love the animal sounds!


Then they tell us about the harm of pride

Manha and Arwa use a scale to measure up good and bad deeds. What great examples they have chosen for each.




Artwork and essay entries

Zainab shows us the person with the polished heart.


























Ibrahim tells us the story of the scholar who mistakes the village wise man for a fool.

The beggar asks what wudu is.


























The Scholar shows him again and again




















The scholar sends him away.


















The scholar asks his servant to follow the beggar.











The servant comes back and tells the scholar that the beggar is the village wise man.
















The scholar hurries to the wise man and asks what is wudu?





















The scholar learns the true meaning of wudu.