Ideas for Play Acting Skits

Here are some ideas for skits you can perform. If you’d like to send in a skit that you or your school wrote and performed, please do!



Two kids are sitting together and talking meanly about another kid who isn’t sitting with them; they freeze and another kid enters and explains why what they’re doing is wrong. He/she says: “Let’s try this again – this is how we should talk to each others. Only say good things and if you don’t have anything good to say, keep it to yourself.” The two characters unfreeze and continue talking, this time only saying nice things about the other kid.

Not Sharing

Two kids are fighting over a toy or food. After a few seconds the scene freezes. A kid comes out and says, “Wow, this feels horrible. Let’s try this again!” The scene starts again and one character says, “You want to share?”


Two kids are having a heated argument about a movie. They shout back and forth about whether the movie is good or bad. The whole time, another kid is watching them. The scene freezes and the kid who isn’t arguing comes forward to the camera and says “Isn’t this horrible? I don’t like listening to people arguing. Let’s change this.” The scene restarts with the kids all getting along.


One kid is saying that his/her bike is better than everyone else’s, saying things like, “I have the best bike and the newest one and you don’t.” Another kid says: “He/she doesn’t know that when people like him/her brag, others don’t like it and see it as a sign of low self-esteem. Let’s change this scene and make it better.” The scene continues but this time with the kid sharing his/her bike with the other kids.

Wasting Time

A kid is shown watching all day. At 9:00, they look up at the camera and say “Oh shoot, I haven’t prayed. I shouldn’t have watched TV all day and done my chores instead!”

Prying and Spying

Teacher says “I need to talk to you about your test.” As the student is talking to the teacher about a bad grade, his/her friend is spying on them, just to have something to gossip about. The friend who was spying goes and tells everyone about the bad grade. The scene pauses and one character says: “Let’s change this!” The scene restart but this time when the teachers asks to talk to the student, the friend says: “I’ll wait for you outside,” and goes out to play instead of staying and spying.

Core Teachings

Three Selves

“This is my fake, naughty self, not my real self. My fake,mean self excludes others, is envious, brags, gossips, and spies.”

“I brag because I want others to like me, but it doesn’t work. They see exactly what I am doing and they don’t want to be like me because I’m being self-centered and focusing on myself instead of on other people.”