Polishing the Outside

Just like a house, each of us have an outside and an inside. What would it look like if we kept the outside of the house clean and the inside full of rubbish?

What would a visitor think of our house?

What if we did the same with ourselves, cleaning the outside but leaving the inside dirty?

“What would it be like if you invited a great king to your house and, to prepare for his visit, you very carefully polished the outside of the door while the inside of the house was a mess  and full of rubbish? What would the king think? It is the same as if God watched us making our wudu? What does He care most about-the outer gestures or our inner state of being?

One of His Ninety-Nine Names is al-Malik, the King.”

Download this page and make a drawing of yourself and a house, showing the inside and the outside of each.