Removing a Spot from the Heart

Adam’s mom, Kaoutar, wrote in to tell us how they “Polish the Heart”

“I asked Adam if he had done as I had asked and he nodded a yes, but his dad said he did not, so I marked it with a spot on his paper heart! Adam jumped to his feet and came running in, saying sorry and promising he will not speak something that is not true again, so we put a piece of paper that was similar to the original heart over the spot to cover it…”

Thank you Adam and Kaoutar for sharing how you “Polish your Heart”!

a spot on the heartheart with a spot

fixing the heart








Adam and Kaoutar also came up with a great heart project for February!

“I wanted to share this idea with you:

Many school activities in American schools revolve around celebrations and almost every celebration is used as a theme in classrooms.

For this month (February), the big event is Valentine’s Day.

For show-and-tell, my son Adam had to decorate a shoe box and make a slot in it so his friends could put Valentine’s Day cards in it and he will be putting cards in their boxes too.

While making the box together, we used all his favourite colors except red. It came spontaneously, but I liked the other colors better. I asked him if he knows someone who speaks about the heart. He said al-Ghazali.

I borrowed the golden heart next to Adam’s name from the golden heart that Demi put on each of al-Ghazali’s portraits in his biography..

My intention is to make this month the time to celebrate the teaching of this master so that kids can understand his teachings.

We are required to make or buy cards for his 24 classmates. My idea is to make them with Adam and think of a message to put on each that expresses al-Ghazali’s teaching.”

Adams Shoebox

ghazali gold heart