Ghazali Project Launched Throughout the World!

Video & News Updates

Our project has been greeted throughout the world with heartfelt enthusiasm and warmth. As an update please watch the videos below which will introduce you to a series of launches of the Ghazali Children’s Project, first with a focus in Morocco, and then the highlights of launches in Indonesia, Canada, England, and America.

International Ghazali Children’s project launches at: Sama’a Congress, Morocco; RIS conference, Toronto; ISNA in Chicago; Zaytuna College Ghazali Congress, Berkeley; Nahdatul-Ulema and Global Unity Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia; Bradford Literature Festival; Cambridge Muslim College, Cambridge, UK; Yusuf Islam’s (Cat Stevens’) Islamia Schools, London, UK; and at the American Islamic College, Chicago. We are absolutely delighted and overwhelmed by the reception of this project throughout the world.