Letters from 3rd Graders at Peace Terrace School

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We are so delighted to receive thoughtful notes of appreciation for a class taught to 3rd graders by Ghazali Project Director, Gray Henry.

Here are some full color samples as well as some quotes from the other letters.  Thank you Peace Terrace School! We loved being there and sharing the Ghazali teachings.

Dear: Khala Aisha,

Thank you for coming to our class on Friday. I like your books about Al-Ghazali and videos of him. He told us what a golden heart is and what a black heart is. And how you get both of them. And these videos, are kids drawing in real life? One day I might send you a picture if I know how to load it. If I don’t know, I will send one to you. So that you can put it up in there for me.

Love, Salim

Dear Khala Aisha,

Thank you for coming to PTA. We enjoyed telling the story of Imam-Ghazali. We all appreciate that you told your next Imam-Ghazali story. Thank you for showing us a video of you talking in the computer.

Love, Wahab

Dear Khala Gray Henry,

Thank you for coming to our class room. I hope you had a great time because I did. I hope you come next time to share your new stories about al Ghazali. They are great stories about Islam. You are a great person. I love your stories about al-Ghazali. Hope you come next time.

Your reader, Abdullah

Dear Khala Aisha,

I like your stories. I want to read more about your stories. Thank you for coming to our school. Can you make more books. Please visit us.

From Zayd

Dear Khala Aisha,

Thank you for coming to our school. You taught me a new thing like ugly truth. And your book taught us to have manners and to have a golden heart. Also your videos that you showed us were great. It was very nice of you to come to our school. Thank you for saying we are very intelligent and we have reasonable answers. It was fun having you at our school. It would be fun having you at our school again! Please come for another visit soon.

Love, Mohammed

Dear Khala Aisha,

Your books are amazing. Even though you’re old, you still look young. And your video did teach me something. I am sure your heart is polished already. You are very thoughtful and one more thing……

I hope you go to Jannah!

From: Ayah

Dear Khala Aisha,

Your books are remarkable! They help me a lot during life time! Even if it’s the children’s version. May Allah bless you with the highest Jenna. I hope you  come to our class again! Now let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Rahmah, I’m 8 years old and my favorite color is blue. I have an older brother in 8th grade and …..my mom’s my teacher! I hope you like this letter!

Sincerely, Rahmah

Dear Khala Aisha,

Hope all is well. Shukaran for your visit to our school and our fundraising dinner. It was a pleasure meeting you. I feel honor to have access to your work. I never knew that we could have a golden heart. And to learn about knowledge. Knowledge can not be stolen. Thank you for introducing us to Imam Al-ghazali. You just have not introduced us only at school, but you have also introduced him to my family, my friends, aunt and uncle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to your new work.

Sincerely, Ihsan