Beneath My Dignity


Sometimes, our lower self does things that our blaming self knows it should not, like avoiding your chores or being impatient with your siblings. These are things that are “Beneath Your Dignity,” because, as Imam al-Ghazali teaches us, our Good, Real Self is our true Self, and doing bad things puts spots on the heart of our Real Self; sometimes we can be watchful of these bad things by naming them so that we’ll remember why they’re bad so we don’t forget that we shouldn’t do them again.

Make a list of or draw some of the things your lower, false self does sometimes that are beneath your dignity.

For example:

It is beneath my dignity:

-To be unkind
-To be angry
-To not help my mother
-To hurt other people’s feelings

If you would like send us the list of things that are beneath your dignity, please fill out the form below!

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