Daily Ramadan Reminders for Children to Practice the Virtues Imam al-Ghazali Teaches Them

During the Ramadan month, Muslims the world over are called upon to renew their spiritual commitment through daily fasting, prayer, and acts of charity. Children may not be fasting but Ramadan is much more than abstaining from food and drink. It is a time to purify the soul, refocus attention on God, and practice self-discipline and service.
Each day of Ramadan we plan to send out something inspiring for children, through Facebook and Twitter, as a reminder of the importance of practicing our virtues and giving to others.
Look for these virtues as you check out these posts
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‘Eid Mubarak to everyone #Eid #Ramadan #Ghazali

Eid Mubarak to you All ♡

May Allah grant you all a happy and joyous Eid

Keep us in your duas

#RAMADAN DAY 29: Ramadan & Gratitude by Sh. Hamza Yusuf. #ramadan #fasting #ghazali www.GhazaliChildren.org
Zaytuna College #hamzayusuf

A sermon on the essential role of gratitude in the spiritual life of a believer. [in 4K] Support the…


#RAMADAN DAY 27: 2014 ’Eid festivities in Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesia and in all the Malay Archipelago including Malaysia, the drum called Beduk/Bedug, is used to call people for prayer. The drum is hit in a certain beautiful rhythm before the calling for prayer (Adzan). #ghazali #eid #fasting https://ghazalichildren.org/things-…/malaise-drum-tradition/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=36&v=z_XCW9oVJcc

#RAMADAN DAY 26: #ghazali #fasting #ramadan “To fast is also to wear the armor of purity against the passions of the world. It is to incorporate even “physically” in one’s body the purity of death which is of course coupled with spiritual birth.

In fasting, man is reminded that he has chosen the side of God over the world of passions. That is why the Holy Prophet loved fasting so much. It was a basic element of that “Muhammadan spiritual poverty” (faqr), about which he said, “al-faqr fakhri” (spiritual poverty is my glory).

This death of the passions cleanses the human soul and empties it of the putrid water of its negative psychic residues. The individual and through him the Islamic community is renovated through this rite and reminded of its moral and spiritual obligations and goals.

That is why the arrival of the blessed month is greeted with joy. For in it the doors of heaven are opened further for the faithful and the Divine Compassion descends upon those who seek it. To have completed the fast of Ramadan is to have undergone a rejuvenation and rebirth which prepares each Muslim to face another year with determination to live and act according to the Divine Will.

The fast also bestows a spiritual perfume upon the human soul whose fragrance can be perceived long after the period of abstinence has come to an end. It provides for the soul a source of energy upon which it feeds throughout the year.

The holy month has therefore been called “the blessed”, mubarak, one in which the grace or barakah of God flows upon the Islamic community and rejuvenates its deepest sources of life and action.”

Seyyed Hossein Nasr- Islamic Life and Thought (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1981).

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day 23: A brilliant drawing and reminder of the meaning of Ramadan (and life) from the fabulous Fatima Khan, aged 8 #ghazalikids #ramadanchallenge #ghazali #fasting #ramadan

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#Ramadan day 22: The children of the Islamic School of Louisville welcomed in Ramadan 1439. The music is ‘Ramadan moon’ by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) a @GhazaliKids project advisory board member. #ghazalikids #ramadanchallenge #ghazali #fasting #ramadan

RAMADAN DAY 21: Ramadan in China #ramadan #ramadanchallenge #ghazali

Ramadan in China.
The Hui people are an East Asian ethno-religious group predominantly composed of adherents of the Muslim faith found throughout China, mainly in the northwestern provinces of the country and the Zhongyuan region. According to a 2011 census, China is home to approximately 10.5 million Hui people, the majority of whom are Muslims.

RAMADAN DAY 15: Ramadan Reminders: “Excellence (Ihsan)” with Shaykh Yahya Rhodus (Al-Maqasid) #ramadan #ghazali #ghazalichildren #fasting #ihsan


Ramadan Reminders – Day Two: “Excellence (Ihsan)” – Shaykh Yahya Rhodus

In Day 2’s Ramadan Reminder, Shaykh Yahya discusses the sunnah of ihsan (or excellence),.

RAMADAN DAY 13: “The value ascribed to fasting (ṣawm) is attested to both in the life example of the Prophet as well his many counsels. “Everything has a door” he once said, “and the door of devotional worship (‘ibāda) is the fast.” On another occasion he stated that “patience is half of faith,” and “half of patience lies in the fast.”

In Islam the fast (ṣawm) is collectively undertaken in Ramadan on a scale which, in the modern world, is perhaps unmatched by any other religious community. “Fasting is prescribed for you,” the Qur’ān declares, “as it was prescribed for those before you, that you might grow in God-consciousness” (2:183). But the subjugation of the body to hunger and thirst through fasting, for many devout Muslims, goes well beyond the holy month, and extends to the recommended days of ‘Arafa, ‘Āshūrā’, the “white nights”, the six days of shawwāl after Ramadan, the alternating fast of David, Mondays, Thursdays, and beyond that to just about any day of the year on which one might feel inspired — excluding the two celebratory holidays (E‘īds) when it is explicitly prohibited.

-Thanks Ayn Kha

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DAY 12: Ramadan Advice – Where is Your Heart? by Shaykh Hamza Yusu

#ramadanchallenge #ghazali #fasting #ghazalikids #zaytuna Zaytuna College #hamzayusuf

Ramadan Day 8
#RamadanChallenge In their latest video offering the brilliant and industrious Hafsah, Sumayyah and Zaynab tell us about the true meaning of fasting during Ramadan. #ramadan #fasting #ghazalikids #ghazali — Watch full video here:


Ramadan is not just about fasting from food. Listen to this story about a 14 year old who stops playing video games during #Ramadan #GhazaliKids #RamadanChallenge


RAMADAN DAY 7: Ghazali on the the fasting of the virtuous (al-salihin): The fifth practice is that at the time of breaking the fast a person should not eat so much— even though the food be lawful— that his or her stomach gets completely full…How can fasting serve to overcome God’ foe and subdue a persons appetites if, upon breaking the fast, he or she makes up whatever he missed in the day. #RamadanChallenge #GhazaliRamadan #Ghazali #Ramadan #Fasting #GhazaliKids
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RAMADAN DAY 2: Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah discusses the importance of making the most of Ramadan #ramadan #ghazalikids

As the first week of Ramadan ends, Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah discusses the importance of making the…

RAMADAN DAY 1: One of the finest treatments on the inward aspects of fasting was penned for us by Imam al-Ghazali in his remarkable fusion of law, ethics and spirituality, Ihya ‘Ulum al-Din – “Revival of the Religious Sciences”:
“Realize that there are three degrees of fasting: the fasting of the generality (sawm al-‘umum), the fasting of the elite (sawm al-khusus) and the fasting of the elect (sawm khusus al-khusus).

The fasting of the generality involves the stomach refraining from indulging it’s desires.

The fasting of the elite involves keeping one’s ears, eyes, tongue, hands, feet – all the organs – free from sin.

As for the fasting of the elect, it is the fasting of the heart from all unworthy concerns or worldly thoughts; a total abstinence from all else besides God, Mighty and Majestic is He.”

The Qur’an says: “Say: “God” then leave them to play in their vain discourse and trifling. [6:91]”

The Spiritual Heart: A lesson from the Beverly Hills Academy of Michigan.

The Spiritual Heart